Friday, September 29, 2017

My predictions on #Trump and #Obama

I predicted #Trump would win, you can go back and look at my old postings.

I also predicted this, and I write this as I listen to #Trump speak to the Manufacturing Association in Washington DC,:

At the end of 4 years, Trump will sound more like Obama, and Obama will sound more like Trump.

As you listen to Trump now versus 2016 it is already happening.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mankind's Unipolar Moment

Today, China and USA owe more money than they can possibly repay in the lifetime of their current citizens.

Chinese labour supply are surging and new workers will demand the same rights and benefits American workers have. China will end up saddled with the same entitlements that make first world nations expensive. Companies will leave.

The USA is coming to terms with an ageing workforce that demographically cannot sustain the industrial output of 20 years ago. America risks bankrupting their professional class that owns most of the bond debt if they can't restructure. Companies may never return.

Each has an internal crisis in the making and a unique moment for humanity.

Both are looking within to acquire assets to prop up their debts. Each would find only failure within their borders and the resultant economic collapses would inevitably spread as war to the globe.

Instead, if both China and USA loan money out to the rest of the world, to the developing nations that can grow at 3% or more, and use those external assets to fund their debt commitments back home, they would spread the prosperity outward to humanity and avoid an inevitable internal collapse.  They would bring up the standards elsewhere and thereby reduce the need for large military expenditures.

For mankind, this is humanities' unipolar moment.

Either path taken, it was at this instant in history that lead to that fateful outcome.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

King Cynic of the Senate.

I cannot tell if #Trump is more like Commodus or Nero, but I can claim that the King of Cynics in the Senate is
Senator John McCain.

Quite willing, fearing his certain and near fate, to implode the welfare of his people to stab at thee, #Trump.