Monday, May 30, 2016

The worst killer in human history?

There are many things that have killed humans throughout human history. Of course humans die from causes that are natural as well as human causes. Since the most humans live today, the deaths from natural causes pale to those suffering at human hands.

The top 10 causes of death

Major causes of death

Q: How many people die every year?

In 2012, an estimated 56 million people died worldwide.

Q: What kills more people: infectious diseases or noncommunicable diseases?

Noncommunicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% in 2000. The 4 main NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. Communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutrition conditions collectively were responsible for 23% of global deaths, and injuries caused 9% of all deaths.

Of course, if you add up all deaths from wars, death from preventable diseases, and deaths from poor government planning, I wonder if lies kill more people than anything else?  Lies about unsafe products, lies about the reasons for wars, lies about religion, lies about what government priorities should be and so on.

People think about violent acts as the main cause of all death. But is there any one cause more pervasive than falsity leading to death?

I know that there is no absolute truth, but getting closest to relative truth should be the noblest goal of all, perhaps because it has such an impact on humanity.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hysterical Emotionalism won't help Climate Science either

There are two denial groups operating in the climate science domain. One is the right wing pro-capitalism climate denying agency that seeks to make science a delayed cost to their investments. That is the one everyone knows and the left gets to demonize it.

The other groups that aren't helpful are the "defenders of the earth" emotional hysterics.

By hysterics I mean:

Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic.

Well meaning without knowledge is still paving the path to hell.  While awareness of potential climate doom and awakening the people to real danger is noble, to make a distracting scene of the facts with nonsense is a jeopardy to the movement goal. In this clip, Will Cain makes a rational exposition of what climate change means and what is really known and what to do about it. In response, Bill Maher gets hysterical with the fake outrage over questioning the nuance of the problem. Oh come on is not a real reaction. This is the kind of thing you're supposed to be against Bill Maher, irrational posturing. Don't you skewer Conservatives for it ?

Just because there is a climate change consensus, the facts are not as undisputable as hysterical people think.

Here is a paper that proposes a model that predicts an ice age in 20+ years. It has a realistic interpretation of facts, not emotion, and it casts real doubt on whether or not the consensus understands what the true model is.

Habibullo Abdussamatov argues that the Maunder minimum, a lull in solar activity he shows that as demonstrated occurs periodically and goes back centuries, is approaching and that this lack of energy from the sun means we may have a mini ice age circa 2040. His main model state variable (solar activity) is the energy source from the sun to the Earth.  I am not claiming that I understand all his mathematics, nor his total subject as well as him, but his model is plausible.  That makes it a real justified climate prediction like any other.

I won't claim any subject expertise, but I would argue after working on complex systems of  many variables and with a reasonable understanding of partial differential equations, I argue that any system of a million variables can't be predicted reliably with an approximation. Chaos theory shows one can be wrong on a system of a few variables.  And our historical record is faulty, so any model that doesn't predict all behaviour is an approximation.

That is the point; emotional responses only cloud the issue. We are linearizing about a point of 1000 years on a 4 billion year earth history. That makes any rough approximation little more than a guess unless the model predicts all activity. That means science must still understand where the climate is going BEFORE one can counter its motion.

So when climate scientists say there is consensus, it doesn't mean lock step acceptance of everything in the main theory. They are all theories. Some are better than others.

I am all for terraforming the earth to make it more habitable to humans. But I don't want us spending money on non-solutions.  In fact, if Abdussamatov is correct, we might need to burn fossil fuels to save the colder areas from ice age conditions. Some have argued that greenhouse effect has saved us from a true ice age.

There is no hysterical argument to contradicting scientific models.  Read Thomas Kuhn. Scientists can become quite tribal in their belief systems. That doesn't make the majority position right.

And for those on the sidelines, don't distract from the message with histrionics.

Who made Donald Trump? CNN

Who made Donald Trump into a media monster? CNN did. 

When the story about the Libertarian Party frames the Libertarian party as an "also ran" alternative to the main parties of Democrats and Republicans, this demonstrates they have lost all objectivity and credibility.  The observer bias is obvious when they use the power of persuasion, suggesting that there is no chance for an alternative, to impugn a party instead of presenting them fairly.

Who says people in a democracy need to vote for one of two options? Like Coke or Pepsi, even when there are plenty of other soft drink makers, they are not the only choice.  If only one of the two main parties wins, one could easily say why didn't the loser party run they didn't have a shot at winning either.

It underlines just how biased the reporting is that it can't treat alternatives fairly. Roger Stone has argued that CNN is pro-Clinton, but you can't argue that and agree with the coverage of Trump as well. They have been far too trusting of both parties and their rhetoric. They presume the answers before the questions, and they spend more time monologuing their opinions rather than holding the candidates to account.  CNN and other corporate news teams made Trump by not making clear fair reporting. They have abrogated their responsibility to voters by treating the important role of government as a profit driven entertainment story. They don't want Trump to be president, but they can't help themselves because they have lost all perspective.

Then comes an alternative that gives a third option, one that essentially combines the two majority viewpoints of left and right in a different way - the libertarian fiscally conservative and socially liberal party not like the other two, and the news media will not give them the same fair hearing.

Maybe the Republicans and Democrats need to sit out an election cycle. Maybe that is what they need to do for the good of their parties.  The establishment has so totally corrupted the parties that an outsider like Trump can win because the majority don't trust the establishment.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beware of the Bitchface

This book is for men struggling with hard-to-deal with exes that do not have  normal psychology; pure and simple.

I wrote this book to chronicle my nasty, legal-dynastic, divorce from my miserable narcissistic personality disorder (AKA Bitchface) ex-wife.  I wrote this from 2008 to 2013 as a cathartic exercise but also to learn from what I experienced.  Did I get sued for everything I owned? Yes I did. Did I have a nasty lawsuit proceeding? Yes I did. Were the kids dragged through the mud? Yes they were.  Did I lose to a woman, who has all the advantages in the legal system? No, I won.

I won. I was able to use my knowledge of her mindset to exploit her weaknesses and end the long drawn-out court battle that my ex-wife wanted, our lawyers wanted, and the courts were indifferent about.  I did it by using my science background to understand what I was dealing with, to give her a metaphorical bloody nose, and to make her come to terms and win.
In the words of my lawyer, she got "reamed". I kept the house. I have 50% custody of my kids. I have control over their future. I did it not just by using a good lawyer, but by understanding my exe's mentality and exploiting it.  To win you need a good lawyer but you really need to defeat the mentality of your ex. That is what stops the suffering. As you have found out already, the courts are powerless unless illegality is going on, so your kids suffer if you don't find a way to stop it.

I wasn't going to publish this book until my kids were older.  Then, today, I was at lunch with my buddy and I learned of his brother's peril with an ongoing divorce struggle where he doesn't have a home, doesn't have a future. He also said that he had a friend near suicidal over the treatment of his ex. This was too much!

So I thought to myself, I have a way to stop this. I am sitting on this because my kids are still in the picture and I don't want to cause a problem with my ex.  But if someone dies because he can't handle the pressure and all I needed  to do was share my experience, then that would be bad karma for me.
I told my friend my story and he begged me to give me this book. So here it is, unfinished and without a sexy cover. When you read what's inside, you will understand that's not valuable. 

So I am publishing this now, without even a good cover, to help men struggling against women in a rigged legal system.  If you are struggling in unfair terms and this personality sounds familiar, then read this book. If you know someone that could use this then for his sake please recommend this book before he does something rash.
I was going to hold off on publishing my book until my kids were older and out of the house. But I can't have someone's demise on my mind if I could have helped. That's bad karma!

I explain in this book how they think and why. I used that knowledge to end it earlier and win. Not win in the conquering sense, but win in ending a conflict before it raged for 10 years sense.
Knowledge is power, give your desperate friend some power and read this book or give it to him.  It will save on legal fees for you  or him and maybe end everyone's suffering early.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


#WhatDeliciousIrony: #DonaldJTrump encircles #HillaryClinton

How unfortunate Clinton is unaware she has been encircled...Billionaire Donald Trump is appealing to the masses by suggesting he might re-negotiate debt with US Federal creditors.  When you look at who actually owns the American debt, it may shock you to learn it is fellow Americans more than any other.


This means hedge funds, state workers pension funds, teacher's pensions funds, private professional citizens like doctors and lawyers who have spare cash, wealthy Americans, rich politicians, and so on.  In other words, those that are doing well in American society. The establishment owes and owns the nation's debt. Not China. Not Japan. Americans to Americans.

Now Hillary Clinton, millionaire (sorry multi-millionaire), must defend the haves of American society, the status quo, the decaying economy, and those that have money in the USA from the poor masses and one smart billionaire.

Exactly whom is she fighting for? The working poor are doing worse and the middle class is disappearing...

The majority of American households feel poorer because they are poorer. Real (i.e. adjusted for inflation) median household income has declined for decades, and income gains are concentrated in the top 5%:

As if proving the point, Donald J Trump draws even with Clinton and November is 6 months away...

Friday, May 6, 2016

The definition of stupidity: Stupidity is spending your present to fight the past.

If Einstein's insanity was "repeating the same thing and expecting different outcomes" then

From Wiktionary

stupid ‎(comparative stupider or more stupid, superlative stupidest or most stupid)
Lacking in intelligence or exhibiting the quality of having been done by someone lacking in intelligence. 

If you want to waste your time, your resources,  your relationships, and even your future by investing your time into plans for yesterdays' problems then that's stupid.

People that spend their present arguing how to fix what just happened are increasing the damage done by past events. They can't reverse time, they can't make things like they were.

It's a fantasy notion brought about by Western idealism.  Everything is in constant change, and will always be that way.  Buddhism argues acceptance of constant change.

To believe you can turn back the clock, or right ancient wrongs, is to believe you can turn the present into the past.  That belief breaks causality.  Not accepting causality is stupid.

They are making themselves vulnerable for the next threat. They are wasting time they might not have to prepare for the #futurethreat. There are lots of examples of people fighting yesterday's battles, yesterday's ideas, yesterday's conditions. To what end?

Yesterday's problems disappear when you stop fixating on them.

People that think you need to rewind a DVD are thinking about DVD's like they are cassette tapes, or floppy disks. New ideas are not repackaged old ones.  Refusal comes from not embracing the current reality, making today seem like a fresher version of yesterday. It means trying to salvage what was understood and placing it into everything that comes next. 

To me, this is the exemplar of stupidity.  So a corollary to Einstein's insanity is:

Stupidity is spending your present to fight the past. 

To fixate on but not learn from the past, to try to resurrect the past, to not accept that life exists in continual tension, to make plans for yesterday's conditions is to demonstrate lacking intelligence.

Instead of thinking today's ideas are yesterday's with some changes, consider them in totality.

Instead of planning to solve yesterday's problems, forecast for what is coming and invest your effort and resources into getting ready for what comes next. You might then have enough time to save yourself from the #futurethreat.

IF you want to help your people tomorrow, consider anew and make them ready.

Let the shit storm begin...

The best non-endorsement of Trump, by  Asher Edelman, the inspiration for Gordon Gekko:

"As frightening, vulgar and high-risk as Donald may be, Hillary's commitment to the status quo will be the final nail in American economic coffin," : Asher Edelman said to CNBC's "Fast Money."

 The best anti-Hillary quote, by the hacker that got into Clinton's private Secretary of State server; Hacker Guccifer claims he hacked Hillary Clintons servers tells NBC News he gained access to Clinton's "unsecure servers":

The Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary Clinton's private email address is making a bombshell new claim—that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State's "completely unsecured" server.

"It was like an open orchid on the Internet," Marcel Lehel Lazar, who uses the devilish handle Guccifer, told NBC News in an exclusive interview from a prison in Bucharest. "There were hundreds of folders."