Friday, September 23, 2016

"At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution,"

"At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution," Piketty wrote.

People wonder why #Trump is winning even though he is just as odious as #Clinton. Most people don't understand that most things we go along with, which we believe are in our best interests, are things revolving around money. Even if we convince ourselves it isn't, we keep one eye on the prize because short of life and death it's the one thing we know is certain: the need to get and use resources affects every aspect of our lives.

Trump is offering to turn Wall Street over, which really means massive debt spending, and most voters are that desperate they want to believe him.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Do you know what will be the determinant of wealthy societies into the future?

This is from The Economist

In the future, in a world where capitalism has opened up and swallowed even the poorest of countries, it is the societies that innovate new things based on STEM / Science and Technology, that will survive better and be more prosperous. Innovation will be the driver of economies.

This Innovation Index is flawed and limited, but it underlines both an encouraging and dangerous future condition. People, companies, and nations must learn to maximize creativity to justify keeping money where they live. Labour can always be found elsewhere cheaper. And machines can do the most skilled work anywhere. That does not mean that Burundi cannot flourish, it means that Burundi must find ways to compete by aligning for the future needs and not waste its time on past fights.