Friday, November 18, 2016

Islam is a Trojan Horse Ideology

+General Michael Flynn is in hot water for warning about islam; but he's not wrong on his analysis.

All the Abrahamic religions have fire and brimstone commandments authorizing bloodshed, slaving, sacrifice, and unique rights for pious believers. They can all be turned into a weaponized ideology. He wasn't wrong. While liberals/progressives become offended at the idea of evil intent generic or stereotyped to be a whole group, the problem is radical adherents get to live and hide in the religion because they can question the faith of more moderate members. By rebuking moderates, they are neutralized from real criticism and the extremists continue using the goodwill of others.

Moderate islamists cannot complain about stereotyping them with extremists, for they agree to follow the religion, more or less, with radicals. When islamists do not get their way in mainstream life, they are allowed to turn to become a religious scoundrel and exploit the poisons of religious belief against society.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hard Truth to the MSNBC power - this is why Trump won.

Finally a MSM pundit is able to break through the bullshit, the fake outrage, the, "racist", and "misogynistic" smears of the left denialists and explain why middle America voted against the establishment and for a real change.  Ignore the spin.

People didn't vote for Trump because he is polished, they voted for him because he isn't varnished - he sees the plight and had a credible shot at taking on the oligarchs.  A man outside the plutocracy they could rely on to NOT be diplomatic.

Someone that could deliver a thermonuclear enema to Washington DC the way that DC policies had decimated Middle America.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Libertarian Unipolar moment

+Gov. Gary Johnson  has a unique moment while +DonaldTrump  takes office. There are disaffected Democrats   & Republicans that are diaspora in the wake of political upheaval. They don't have a home in the plutocracy now.

Since he didn't make the debates, his fortunes were sunk.  But if he truly wants to be president in 4 years - because Trump will not make all promises and not keep many happy- then there is a unipolar moment when he can steal from the left and the right to forge a new alliance. It is entirely possible that one of the major parties might die in the wake of dissolution.